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Zan Associates was part of a team that studied technology options for the MnDOT owned A, B, and C parking structures in Downtown Minneapolis. The original purpose of the ramps was to provide carpool parking and other services to “increase the people carrying capacity” on I-394 and to reduce vehicle congestion in Downtown Minneapolis. Built in the early 90’s, the ramps are now 25 years old and halfway through their assumed useful life. The purpose of this project was to study improvement options to help the ramps better fulfill their goal of reducing single occupancy vehicle trips. 

Zan Associates was responsible for delivering a stakeholder engagement program which identified the unique perspective, strengths, and challenges of various interest groups and evaluated improvement strategies that will be well supported. As part of this work, Zan facilitated a roundtable event with important downtown organization leaders, a series of listening sessions/focus groups with employers and commuters, multiple interactive workshops, one-on-one engagement with major downtown employees and the project’s Transportation Advisory Panel, and pop-up events/intercept interviews in the skyways. 

ABC Ramps

Minnesota Department of Transportation


Minneapolis, MN

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