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The Dakota County Pedestrian and Bicycle plan aimed to create a unified vision for county-wide walking and bicycling networks, focusing on the county road network. The plan identified policies, strategies and tools to encourage active living and improve community health throughout the county. 

Zan Associates led the stakeholder engagement process, including development and implementation of targeted activities designed to reach the stakeholder groups that are most likely to experience health disparities, such as people 60 and over, children, people with low incomes, minorities, and other under-represented populations. We were responsible for the following general activities:

  • Organizing and implementing pop-up meetings at local events (logistics, handouts, announcements, meeting summaries, collecting and tracking public comments, attendance)

  • Conducting listening sessions with stakeholder groups (logistics, handouts, announcements, meeting summaries, collecting and tracking comments, attendance)

  • Organizing and implementing public meetings (meeting logistics, handouts, announcements, news releases, meeting summaries, collect and track public comments, meeting attendance)

  • Conducting outreach to community organizations and businesses (neighborhood groups, bike shops, major employers, etc)

  • Organizing pedestrian intercept activities including passing out flyers at busy intersections

  • Providing project marketing materials including bicycle hangers on bikes parked at commercial locations

  • Managing an online survey and collecting public comments

Dakota County

Pedestrian & Bicycle Study

Dakota County


Dakota County, MN

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