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Community Engagement +
Communications Associate

Pronouns: She/her/they/them

Dureeti is a Community Engagement and Communications Associate, bringing nearly two years community engagement experience from her time as an undergraduate at Emory University. Dureeti completed a BA in Sociology at Emory University and has a unique lens on community engagement. Dureeti brings three years of administrative, and operations support in Finance and Medical Technology. She is motivated to increase equity and access by amplifying community voices.

stuff to know

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology / Emory University

  • Proud first-generation Oromo born and raised in the Twin Cities

  • Loves creative writing and film – minored in English and took film courses during undergrad

  • Loves genre-bending artists and live music – worked as a marketing Intern at a live music venue in Atlanta

  • Spent two years of undergrad on campus nearby/on filming locations for Vampire Dairies and Sweet Magnolias (currently on Netflix) was also filmed nearby