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Zan Associates led the outreach and communications effort for this maintenance and restoration project on a 9-mile stretch of I-94 between Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis and Shingle Creek Parkway in Brooklyn Center. Zan's responsibilities included coordinating a variety of engagement activities including "pop-up" events and public meetings, direct mailings, and door-to-door flyer distribution to inform the public about the restoration project and provide timely updates as construction progressed. To assist with the outreach efforts, handouts, detour maps, videos, social media posts, radio interviews, and paid media were developed to further engage the public. Outreach strategies, tools and materials were all conducted in ways that would best reach out to diverse communities and communities who typically may not engage in or see out information on highway construction projects including communities of color, people in which English is a second language, and low-income populations.


Minneapolis to Brooklyn Center

Minnesota Department of Transportation


Minneapolis to Brooklyn Center, MN

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