Vice President

Joy Miciano has over twenty years of experience in communications related work in various public policy areas including transit, transportation, public health and environmental health. Joy is a skilled communicator and facilitator and has planned and coordinated major events. She has proficiently designed and implemented a variety of communications tools including online and social media tools, authored documents and other communications works. In addition, Joy brings valuable experience in working with diverse groups and under-represented populations.


  • Master's Candidate / University of Minnesota

  • Bachelor of Arts / University of California

  • Fluent in Spanish

  • Enjoys playing Settlers of Catan with her husband and two kids (and dominating)

  • Loves fanny packs

  • Was born without anterior ligaments (ACLs) in her knees

  • Loves playing competitive volleyball, but needs a lot of ibuprofen to do so (see ACL fact above)


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