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President and CEO

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Joy has over twenty years of experience providing communications and engagement services to state and local agencies around transit, transportation, placemaking and health. Joy is a skilled communicator and facilitator and has worked on major community planning, transportation, transit and placemaking projects in the Twin Cities and in Greater Minnesota. Joy is passionate about people and building community and brings her expertise of designing and delivering engagement strategies that are equity-focused, authentic and interactive to all her projects so they can move forward with stakeholder and community consensus. In addition, Joy believes all voices need to be heard and brings valuable experience in engaging with diverse groups and underrepresented communities. Joy lives in Uptown, Minneapolis with her spouse, two teenagers and a grumpy Shih Tzu.

stuff to know

  • Master's Candidate / University of Minnesota

  • Bachelor of Arts / University of California

  • Fluent in Spanish

  • Enjoys playing Settlers of Catan with her husband and two kids (and dominating)

  • Loves fanny packs

  • Was born without anterior ligaments (ACLs) in her knees

  • Loves playing competitive volleyball, but needs a lot of ibuprofen to do so (see ACL fact above)

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