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Zan Associates has had a master contract with MCES since 2013. Through this contract, Zan has led public involvement for many different projects including sewer reconstruction, sewer rehabilitation, lift station construction, and other projects related to maintaining the regional sanitary sewer system throughout the seven county metro. 


For these projects, Zan Associates takes responsibility preparing weekly construction updates and maps illustrating upcoming construction activities; working with residents, businesses and the contractor to develop and implement access plans; working with residents, businesses, property owners and the contractor to address problems as they arise during construction; organizing and participating in public meeting and neighborhood organization meetings to discuss the project and answer questions; managing project hotlines and emails including tracking and responding to all comments recieved about the project; working with MCES, other agencies, the contractor and sub contractors to address all issues and respond to any emergencies; and participating in construction and maintenance of traffic team meetings. 

In addition to leading construction communications, Zan Associates has also assisted MCES with other council related needs including the development and implementation of communications workshops for MCES staff; development of educational materials including graphics, presentations, games, hands-on activities, models and handouts for staff to use at schools; and mailings. 

MCES Sewer

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Metropolitan Council Environmental Services


Seven County Metro, MN

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