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Zan Associates was part of the consultant team working on the Northern Lights Express project, a proposed high-performance passenger rail project that would provide service between Minneapolis and Duluth. Zan was responsible for all aspects of public involvement for the project including:

  • Coordinating and attending public meetings throughout the corridor

  • Creating outreach materials including project newsletters, handouts, brochures, flyers and newspaper advertisements

  • Updating a project website

  • Providing email notifications


Zan A­ssociates also assisted consultant staff in preparing other documentation for the project. This work included:

  • Responding to comments received on the Tier 2 Project Level Environmental Assessment (EA), a part of NEPA documentation 

  • Formatting documentation for the Service Development Plan 

  • Assisting in review and formatting of any other materials necessary for the final deliverable to Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)


Additionally, Zan was responsible for putting together a complete advocacy plan. This plan was available following project completion to assist stakeholders in advocating for project funding.

Northern Lights Express

Higher-Speed Passenger Rail

Minnesota Department of Transportation


Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin

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