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Zan Associates is part of a consultant team that is providing assistance to several school districts in Minnesota to improve walking and biking opportunities for their students. The team is working with each school district and community to develop low-cost, high priority programs or interventions that can be immediately implemented. The team is working with these communities to build local capacity, identify needs and helpful relationships, and determine near-term priorities. Zan Associates is working with the consultant team to facilitate local workshops and engage local stakeholders, students and parents in the bicycle/pedestrian planning process. This work includes:

  • Facilitating planning workshops

  • Conducting field walking and biking assessments or audits

  • Developing and implementing training materials

  • Facilitating regular webinars and training activities

  • Designing and implementing creative engagement strategies for students and parents

  • Documenting outcomes and recommended actions for each school district

Safe Routes to School

Minnesota Department of Transportation


Multiple School Districts, MN

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